Why Captor USA? Because no other organization understands better what it takes to have a successful business in the Franchise Consulting industry and no other organization will provide you a more solid foundation upon which to build yours.

Captor USA is an organization that has assembled a core team of highly experienced franchise industry professionals that have been either directly involved in Franchise Consulting or provided services supporting Franchise Consultants for a number of years. Our core team members all come from other organizations in our industry where they also provided training and support services. Our shared vision is to bring together our 100+ years of combined experience to create the industry’s next generation and most exceptional training and support program.

In addition to the Captor USA core team, we have assembled a nationwide network of tenured Franchise Consultants from several different organizations, bringing together the best of the best into Captor USA. Captor USA is now the industry’s largest and most accomplished organization in terms of training, support and consultants.
The quality of our organization and the people in it has attracted the best franchise clients. Captor USA now has the largest inventory of franchise companies under contract and the most exclusive listings than any organization in our industry. That provides real value to our consultants, plus we are providing real value to our franchise clients by providing them a single point of access to the most accomplished network of Franchise Consultants operating today.

This is an industry where experience matters and no organization has more depth of knowledge and experience than Captor USA. If you’re going to start a new business you will want that knowledge and experience on your side to provide you every possible advantage and opportunity to be successful.

Our training program is never ending. It starts with a rigorous Core Training curriculum and continues with our Consultant Development program plus our Continuing Education / Advanced Training courses and Certification Program.

The Captor USA support program is multi-tiered beginning with personal one on one mentoring from an experienced Franchise Consultant then continues with mentoring workshops, our trainer forums and Captor USA Connect for consultant to consultant collaboration. In addition Captor USA has dedicated staff providing on going support functions plus our executive team including our CEO, President, VP of Franchise Development, Executive Director, Support Director, Training Director, and our Franchise Attorney. You will be getting help and assistance from a team of people providing real world help and support.

Our proprietary technology infrastructure is state of the art featuring tools that help you pinpoint which franchise is the best fit for your client. A client management system is included that was designed from the ground up specifically for the franchise consulting industry and will guide you through the step by step process of helping your clients through the franchise selection and buying process. Plus dozens of other features that provide you everything you need in support of your business.

Your will be provided a mobile friendly, personalized consultant website that will educate your clients on your services and why using a Franchise Consultant is important in their search. The franchises you represent will be detailed to aid your clients in their research and to provide our consultants a platform for their marketing and advertising. This invaluable marketing tool is not only built and hosted for you, but is kept up to date for you by Captor USA and it is all included to ensure your success.