Code of Ethics

Captor USA’s Code of Ethics is based on our Mission Statement of “Helping others achieve their dreams of business ownership through franchising.”

The Code is intended to establish a framework of High Standards in the practices and relationships of all Captor USA Affiliate Franchise Consultants. The Code represents the ideals to which all Captor USA Affiliate Consultants agree to subscribe in their franchise relationships.


Captor USA’s Affiliate Franchise Consultants will:

  • Always act with trust, truth and honesty and with the best interest of the client, providing professional Franchise Consulting services with integrity, objectivity, and independence.
  • Treat client information as confidential and take all reasonable steps to prevent it from access by unauthorized people
  • Dedicate themselves to continually developing their Franchise Consulting skill-set through initial and on-going training/learning
  • Avoid conflicts of interest or the appearance of such when dealing with business partners in any related/support field such as franchisors, franchise financing firms or legal resources.
  • Enthusiastically support full compliance with all applicable federal and state franchise consulting regulations.
  • Support Captor USA’s Code of Ethics. Any Captor USA Affiliate Consultant who believes another Captor USA Affiliate Consultant has violated our Code of Ethics may file a formal written complaint with the CEO and/or President of Captor USA.
  • Not misrepresent his/her qualifications or experience; not advertise in a deceptive manner or denigrate other Franchise Consultants or Franchise Consulting Firms.