What’s the difference between Captor USA and other similar organizations?

First and foremost, its experience. The team members of Captor USA all have years of experience in the Franchise Consulting industry and our  Executive Team, faculty members and support staff also have years of experience in training and supporting Franchise Consultants to achieve peak levels of performance.

Franchise Consulting is different than owning a franchise or other aspects of the industry. It takes special knowledge, skill and expertise. Our team members have specifically built businesses around the Franchise Consulting aspect. That cumulative experience is at your disposal to start and build a Franchise Consultant business of your own. In addition, all team members have been associated with or worked with other similar organizations. We have brought together the best of all of them to create the next generation training and support organization.

Captor USA also has the largest inventory of franchise companies under contract than any other organization, with more exclusive listings than any other organization, which means more opportunity for our consultants as well as profit centers from franchise financing and franchise development. Other advantages are:

  • The only company in the industry with a personal and group mentoring
  • The most comprehensive training program in the industry
  • The best software system and technology infrastructure in the industry
  • The most marketing services for lead generation
  • Branded, mobile-friendly websites for all of its consultants
  • A comprehensive and well respected Certification Program
When were you established?

We were formed in 2012. Our core team members and affiliated consultants have many years of experience in the industry and all come from competing organizations so we know what they do well and what they don’t do well. That combined experience has enabled us to build and provide the most robust training and support program in our industry.

How do you make money as a Franchise Consultant and when do I get paid?

A Franchise Consultant is paid a referral fee by the selling franchise when the consultant’s client buys the franchise. In our agreements the fees are payable when their clients pay their franchise fee, not when the business is opened. Our consultants also earn referral fees from our financial services partners if they provide financing to their clients for the franchise purchase. Captor USA consultants also earn fees by referring businesses who wish to become a franchise.

What does it cost to be a Captor USA affiliated consultant?

Our training and support program cost $24,900. In addition Captor USA collects 5% on the first $200,000 in referral fees earned per calendar year from franchise placement referrals. The Captor USA consultant retains 100% of the referral fees earned from financial services partners and from franchise development referrals.

What is your interest in my long term success?

All our profits are derived from the 5% override that is collected on referral fees earned therefore our long term success is directly dependent on our consultants being successful in placing their clients into franchises. The initial fee just covers the cost to provide our training and support. Be very careful of companies that collect your money upfront and say they charge no royalty or override as they have no vested interest in your success.

What kind of on-going training do you provide for your consultants?

We provide training 3 or 4 days per week throughout the year that is all live instructor led. We also record and archive our training for later on-demand viewing. Captor USA offers a comprehensive New Consultant Training Program, Consultant Development Training, and a Continuing Education Program to further enhance the skills and knowledge of our consultants.

What kind of support do you provide?

Captor USA provides several layers of support which is provided on a continual basis. New consultants are assigned a Captor USA Coach/Mentor who is an experienced Franchise Consultant who provides one on one mentoring plus on the job training for our consultants during the critical start-up phase. Mentoring workshops are also conducted to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and best practices. Our Trainer Forum provides consultants the ability to receive one on one consultation with our training staff. There is Captor USA Connect, the consultant forum for communicating and collaborating with the entire network of Captor USA Consultants. We have several staff members dedicated to support functions such as Executive Director, Support Director, Franchise Director, Training Director, Franchise Attorney and the Executive Counsel. All back office and marketing systems and collateral is also provided including professionally build and maintained marketing websites for our consultants.

Do I need any special license to be a Franchise Consultant?

No real estate or business broker license is required. Franchise Consultants are independent contractors providing sales referrals to franchisors. The Franchise Consultant is not providing their client any pro forma or assuming any fiduciary responsibility in the transaction, which is all handled by the franchisor and 3rd party funding sources. E&O insurance is also not required. The states of NY and WA require Franchise Consultants to register and pay a nominal fee annually to operate in those states. There is no testing or further requirements to achieve these registrations.

Do I have any liability when a client buys a franchise through me?

No, you are not an employee or agent of the franchisor but an independent contractor providing sales referrals. Once your referral fee is earned it is non-refundable regardless of the final outcome of the transaction between your client and the franchisor.

Do I need sales experience?

No sales experience is required. The Franchise Consultant provides consulting services to potential franchise buyers helping them find the best franchise based on their background, skills, financial requirements and goals. The consultant must be able to learn and follow a proven system, be well-organized, possess good analytical skills, have excellent communication skills and a strong desire to help others.

Why represent franchises?

Because a franchise is what the small business buyer wants to buy and it’s where all the action is in the buying and selling of small businesses. A franchise offers the buyer a proven business model, a step by step operations guide, national branding, support, training and is proven to reduce risk and provide a greater chance of success for the business owner.

Why do buyers work with a Franchise Consultant and not just go directly to the franchisor?

When a buyer engages a search on their own they quickly find there is an overwhelming number of options available, it becomes information overload. How do you determine the good ones vs. the not so good ones? They get bombarded by phone calls from people trying to sell them a franchise. A Franchise Consultant is not selling a franchise but helping their clients make the best possible decision on which one best meets their needs and requirements. It makes the whole process for the buyer much more efficient and effective. Buying a business can be a life changing step and putting a professional resource like a Franchise Consultant on your side is smart business. In addition, all the Franchise Consultant services provided are free to the buyer.

Why would a franchisor want to work with a Franchise Consultant?

First and foremost is because it saves them money. The Franchise Consultant engages in marketing activities on behalf of the franchisors they represent so that reduces the franchisors marketing expenditures. The Franchise Consultant screens potential buyers of the franchise eliminating those that don’t qualify or are not serious about owning a business. This allows the franchisor to reduce marketing staff. The Franchise Consultant is providing the franchisor qualified, motivated buyers reducing the franchisors total cost to acquire new franchise buyers.

Aren’t there already a large number of Franchise Consultants?

No. The number of franchise sales that have gone through Franchise Consultants has grown over 700% since 2007 according to the International Franchise Association (IFA). The number of Franchise Consultants has not grown anywhere close to meeting the expanding demand. The IFA estimates there are approximately 1200 practicing Franchise Consultants in the United States, which breaks down to approximately 25 per state. When compared to the size of the franchise sales market, the growth potential and the need for additional consultants is significant. You will be in a dynamically growing industry at exactly the right time to prosper from its growth.